Mediation with the Wolves

An outdoor meditation in nature




An outdoor meditation for the senses

Ever wonder why meditation retreats are often found in the mountains or deep in the forest? Outdoor meditation activates the senses, making you more aware of your surroundings and distancing you from the stresses of daily life.

Deepen your mindfulness and awareness of nature with a meditation session in the stunning open-air environment of the Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka, Missouri.

Program Highlights

The day will begin at 8 am at PALM Health where guests will receive a complimentary healthy snack from the PALM Café. Guests will then drive their personal vehicles to arrive at the EWC at 9 am. You are also welcome to meet at the Endangered Wolf Center at 9 am – we will bring your snack to enjoy on-site.

At the Center, guests will take an outdoor meditation class and tour the sights and sounds of the Center’s residents, including Mexican, red, and maned wolves, foxes, and African painted dogs, with a special visit from several unique ambassador animals. 

Ticket prices

Tickets are $60 per person for members and non-members and can be booked online.


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Meditation with the Wolves Details

We’ve partnered with PALM Health to bring you this unique fitness program. We will meet at 8am at the PALM Health Café before driving our cars to our center. You are also welcome to meet at the Endangered Wolf Center at 9 am.

Citra Fitness and Movement


This event runs from 8 am-11 am. Please arrive at PALM Health at 8 am. You are also welcome to meet at the Endangered Wolf Center at 9 am.

Saturday, Oct 1st.

$60 per person for members and non-members.

Required, 24 hours advance recommended. Book Online or call 636-938-5900. 

At this time, we regret that we are unable to accommodate service animals during our tours. If you or a group member have a special need or mobility need, please contact us in advance.

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