It Takes a Pack

Support the births of endangered pups by making a donation to the Endangered Wolf Center.


The Endangered Wolf Center is preparing for the birth of several wolf pups from two of the most endangered species in the world – the Mexican wolf and American red wolf. These new additions are a critical step in our ongoing efforts to restore these endangered species to the wild.

As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the support of generous donors like you to continue our mission of preserving and protecting endangered wolves.

Needed to Support our Pack

Your donation will help our growing pack by:

Covering the cost of food, medical care, and other essentials for the wolf pups and their families.

Providing support for our animal keepers, who work tirelessly to monitor mothers and care for these critically endangered animals.

Funding community education programs, which are designed to educate visitors about the crucial role wolves play in maintaining ecological balance and biodiversity, along with the challenges they face in the wild.

    For more than 50 years, we’ve worked to save these animals from the brink of extinction. In that time, 441 pups have been born here and let us tell you… it takes a pack to raise a pup!

    Will you join our pack? When you do, you’ll make a meaningful difference in the lives of these wolf pups and their families.

    Please consider donating today to support the Endangered Wolf Center’s critical mission.

    Together, we can help protect the heart of the wild – animals that are crucial for the health of ecosystems and well-being of humans.

    Mark Cross, Executive Director

    All donations will be matched- every gift, including memberships, grants, and stocks.
    If you are a 1% for the Planet member, advance your 2022 contribution goals.
    Sponsorships with naming rights are still available. Contact our Director of Development, Kim Larson, at [email protected]