First Friday Campfire Howls

Join us for our new First Fridays tradition




First Friday Campfire Howls

Join us for your new favorite monthly tradition: First Fridays at the Endangered Wolf Center. Every month we’re gathering around the campfire to howl with the wolves beneath the stars. While each month will feature unique themes, refreshments, and special guests, one thing will stay the same: you’ll always leave feeling reconnected to nature. So hit the reset button with us every First Friday at the Endangered Wolf Center 

Margaritas with Marguerite

Join the Endangered Wolf Center for a celebration of more than 50 years of successful wolf conservation. The evening will feature beer, margaritas, and other refreshments, as we hear tales of the EWC’s original residents, Mexican wolves, and the individuals working to save this species, including the late Betty White and our founder, Marlin Perkins.

Marguerite Garrick, daughter of Carol & Marlin Perkins and EWC board member, will share behind-the-scenes stories about her family and the EWC. The highlight of the evening will be an unforgettable experience, where we will join our wolves in celebratory song as we howl under the stars.

Date: Friday, July 1, 2022 – 5:30pm -7:30pm
Ticket Price: Adults $25 / Adult Member $22 / Child $20 / Child Member $17
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