Outreach Offerings


All programs are available as a multiple visit contract or individually and are developed to encourage inquiry-based learning.

These programs are great for STEM-focused learning, as all are built on science curriculum and messaging.

Programs run 45-60 minutes each depending on the presence of an Animal Ambassador.

Outreaches are offered classroom style, booth, or assembly style. Classroom outreaches are best suited for groups of 30. A visit from one of our Animal Ambassadors for an additional cost.

Our booth outreaches are for an unlimited number of attendees and have the option for a visit from one of our Animal Ambassadors. Our booth programs are priced by time frame and presence of an Animal Ambassador.

Available as classroom or assembly

Our efforts to raise awareness about wolves and their essential role in the wild has never been more important – or more urgent. Wolves are both apex predators and keystone species, meaning they play a disproportionately important role in keeping entire ecosystems in balance. If you share our passion for these amazing animals and the places they call home, we hope you’ll utilize and share these resources as well.

Animals of the EWC

Pre-K – 12th Grade

Wolves, foxes and African painted dogs, oh my! This program will bring one of the Endangered Wolf Center Docents into your classroom to teach your students all about the eight species of canids at the EWC and what the Center is doing to help them. They will see photos of our animals, have an opportunity to handle some exciting animal artifacts, and learn what they can do to help the endangered species in our care.


Classroom Outreaches

Pup Play

Pre K – 2nd Grade

How does a wolf puppy learn to become a wolf? Play, that’s how! This adorable program will take students through their first year of life as a wolf pup. They’ll learn about the fun pups have in the wild and some of the challenges they must overcome to grow up to become successful wolves.

Animals in My Backyard

K – 12th Grade

What lives in your backyard? What can you do to help your local wildlife? Students will explore these questions and more with this action-inspiring program. They will learn about the large variety of wildlife that lives around them while learning about ways they can help those species they share their backyard with and the environment as a whole.

Wolf Tales

1st – 6th Grade

Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, all popular children’s tales about wolves. Unfortunately, these stories that started as entertaining fables have turned us into a wolf-fearing society. This program takes students through an exploration of popular folklore and how it came to be. Students will explore a story that flips the traditional narrative of Little Red Riding Hood around and explores other themes such as bullying and friendship, written by local author and EWC volunteer, Jeanie Ranson. Students will be empowered when they are given the opportunity to try to differentiate fact from fiction and learn to become independent thinkers. Students will then create a wolf story of their very own.

The Life of an Animal Keeper

1st – 12th Grade

Career day at its finest. This program will have students exploring what it’s really like to be an Animal Keeper. They will learn what the Endangered Wolf Center Keepers do each day, why their job is so important and what they need to do if they want to become a Keeper.

Caught in a Food Web

3rd – 8th Grade

From a blade of grass, to a bird in the sky, to the person sitting next to you, we all have a very important role. This program explores the concept of interdependence in the ecosystem. Students will be challenged to determine what role a variety of plants and animals play in the balancing act of life. Students will learn how energy flows in ecosystems. They will then play a fun game that showcases this delicate balance that must be kept to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Wolves of Yellowstone

3rd – 12th Grade

When you think of a wolf, chances are you are thinking of a gray wolf. These magnificent animals have had quite a journey over the past few decades, most notably in Yellowstone National Park. This program will explore the journey of the gray wolf in Yellowstone, and how their absence, and later their return, affected the park ecosystems. Students will get a chance to see the impact one species can have on the ecosystem as a whole. They will also learn how they can make positive changes for wildlife and wild places.

Are Wolves in Missouri?

3rd – 12th Grade

Is that a wolf in the yard!?! Probably not today, but just 100 years ago it would have been very likely. Missouri was historically home to two species of wolves: red wolves and gray wolves. Today Missouri is not considered to have an active wolf population. This program will explore these two very distinct species and how very different the Missouri landscape might be if they were to return. Students will then have the opportunity to express their feelings about wolves through a writing project.

Animal Behavior

6th – 12th Grade
Why do wolves howl? Why do some birds dance? Find out the answers to these questions and more. Just because wolves can’t talk doesn’t mean they can’t communicate. Wolves get their point across with body language and sometimes even a noise or two. This program gives students the opportunity to explore all the different types of communication wolves and other animals use to express themselves. The students will even get the chance to experience what it’s like to communicate without words.

Outreach Pricing

Classroom & Assembly Outreaches | $175 each (or $80 virtual)

Outreach booth for 1-4 hours WITHOUT an Animal Ambassador | $150

Outreach booth for 4-8 hours WITHOUT an Animal Ambassador | $250

Outreach booth for 1-4 hours WITH an Animal Ambassador | $350

Please contact the office to customize a program for you classroom needs. If you have any special requests or would like additional information please call the EWC at 636-938-5900 or email at

Outreach FAQs

Please find our Frequently Asked Questions about out Virtual Outreach programs.


Outreach programs can be booked from 1 to 8 hours in length.


20 maximum.  For custom groups larger than 10, please contact 636-938-5900 or

Classroom & Assembly Outreach $175 $80 Virtual
Outreach booth for 1-4 hours WITHOUT an Animal Ambassdaor $150
Outreach booth for 4-8 hours WITHOUT an Animal Ambassador $250
Outreach booth for 1-4 hours WITH an Animal Ambassador $350



Required, 24 hours advance recommended. Available every day except Tuesday. Book Online or call 636-938-5900 . Learn more about  membership reservations.