STEM Trifecta Nature Program

World Bird Sanctuary Shaw Nature Reserve Endangered Wolf Center

The Endangered Wolf Center, Shaw Nature Reserve and World Bird Sanctuary have partnered to create an innovative approach to science field trips: The STEM Trifecta Nature Program, which provides schools with cohesive, curriculum-based field trips that are in line with Missouri state DESE standards. You get grade specific, pre-planned field trips to serve as an exciting supplement to the concepts you are teaching in the classroom. All that, and convenience, too – the program is set from K-5th grade, and all programming will meet your classroom needs! Call (636) 938-5900 for more information.

Kindergarten: Endangered Wolf Center
By watching wolves in a natural setting students will learn about wolf packs and how these family units compare to human families. Activities include a classroom session about wolf packs and a tour of the wolf enclosures.

1st Grade: World Bird Sanctuary
Through active lessons and hands-on activities, students will gain an in depth understanding of adaptations both birds and plants use to survive. Activities include bird bingo, making a human continuum, and “Filling the Bill” to discover bird adaptations.

2nd Grade: Shaw Nature Reserve
Explore the lifecycles of animals around Shaw Nature Reserve! From the smallest caterpillar to our elusive bobcat, we’ll introduce students to the life cycles and stages of critters in their own backyard. Activities include exploring the woodland and wetlands for animal life stages and learning about the lifecycles of butterflies, cardinals, snakes, frogs and bobcats.

3rd Grade: Endangered Wolf Center
Through learning about apex predators and studying them in person, students will gain an understanding of food chains and healthy ecosystems. Activities include a classroom session about food chains and a visit to the wolf enclosures to study these apex predators.

4th Grade: World Bird Sanctuary
By participating in engaging activities, students will study interactions among organisms and their environments. Activities include playing a survivor game, a great migration challenge and a habitat study.

5th Grade: Shaw Nature Reserve
After participating in this program, students will understand the similarities and differences between plant and animal groups located at Shaw Nature Reserve. Activities include exploring the wetland and woodland comparing animal forms and characteristics as well learning about dichotomous keys and scientific naming.

Shaw Nature Reserve: $8.00 per child
Endangered Wolf: $8.00 per child
World Bird Sanctuary: $8.00 per child