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Want to see wolves in the wild?


Want to see wolves in the wild?

Or at least see evidence that they’ve been around?

Jean Ossorio offered some tips during her “Camping with Lobos” presentation at the Endangered Wolf Center Speaker Series on Wednesday, May 13, 2015.

Ossorio, a St. Louis native and former Webster Groves schoolteacher, has spent 394 nights camping in the Mexican Wolf Recovery area in New Mexico and Arizona. In that time, she has seen 45 wolves.

Most of her camping dates have been with her husband Peter. But on others she was accompanied by women friends — excursions they call “wimmin’s wolf trips.” And sometimes she goes out alone.

Spotting wolves in the wild takes patience. She went between June 2012 and April 2015 without seeing a wolf.

But, she says, the reward can be great memories, photographs and perhaps even a cast of a wolf track.

So what’s her advice for increasing your odds of seeing lobos where they live?

• Be willing to camp out in isolated areas. That means no toilets, no running water.
• Be willing to camp out in all kinds of weather. She tells tales of camping in below zero temperatures.
• Do it often.