Remember asking Santa for a puppy for Christmas? Sometimes our wishes are granted in ways beyond our imagination. Ways that, in this case, even make history.

We’re over the moon howling with joy to announce the arrival of 23 African painted dog puppies – AND a new $50,000 matching grant through December 31 to help us support them.

African painted dog puppies

You may have seen the news already that Shaba had her first litter of 13, a historic first for our center. We’re excited to announce that her sister, Akili, has also welcomed a litter of 10 pups. (Which goes to show, never underestimate the power of a wish…)

African painted dogs are a critically endangered canid species, numbering fewer than 5000 in the wild. At one time, they had a population of hundreds of thousands, if not over a million. Just like wolves, this species is misunderstood and facing persecution, poaching and habitat loss.

The puppies born at our Center provide an “insurance population” to ensure this species will not go extinct. As a highly accredited facility, this is part of a number of Species Survival Plans in which we play critical roles – which means as a donor, so do you.

Our webcams help spread awareness across the world, as people watch the family working together to help the pups grow to be strong and healthy – goals similar to our own family structures. And the more people can relate to these animals, the more they’ll care about preserving and protecting them.

African painted dogs have an extremely fast metabolism and require a lot of food when they’re growing. Our puppies chow down on 10 pounds of food per day. That is 3,650 pounds of food in one year, costing $83,950. (Parents of teens, we know you can relate…)

A new, generous $50,000 matching grant has been offered from now through the end of December. Please consider helping us meet this matching challenge with a gift today to help feed and care for them.

You’re reading that right. That marks a SECOND $50,000 matching gift challenge to meet by the end of the year. That means every dollar you donate will double, up to $100,000.

Any amount makes a difference. For example, $30 provides a full set of vaccines for two puppies, $60 for four puppies and $150 vaccinates 10 puppies. (Did we mention how much they eat?…)

Check in on these adorable pups on our webcam, then please consider a donation to help us reach this important matching grant goal. Learn about their innovative habitat on our blog, or support Shaba or other Adoptable Animals on our Adoptions page.

Bonus: Matching Name Donation:
Have the perfect name for one of these pups? We have a second generous donor who will match up to $50,000 for all donations of $2,500 to name a puppy from now until December 31. We’re naming 20 puppies over the next 20 days!

All puppy name donors will be invited to attend a Puppy Celebration on January 8, 2019.

Media representatives will be present as Animal Care examines the puppies and gives them their vaccines.

Thank you for your support and all the puppy love. Oh, and don’t forget to make a wish this year. (We hear they’re pretty powerful…)

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