Javier Mendoza Concert at the EWC

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Hobo Cane, aka Javier Mendoza, will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the wolves on Saturday evening, May 4, 2019, at the Endangered Wolf Center!

Join us for live music and a Cinco de Mayo howl in celebration of the endangered Mexican wolf!

Adult beverages are included and dinner will be catered by Fuzzy’s Taco. Beverages include drinks by Snow Leopard Vodka and Aquila Tequila. We will also serve Bud, Bud Light, Lima a Ritas, and more Anheuser-Busch products.

  • Gates Open at 6:30 p.m.
  • Dinner and Concert at 7p.m.
  • Wolf Howl at 8p.m.
  • Concert at 8:30-9:30 p.m.

The price per person is $40; there are only 100 spots available – reserve your spot today: 636-938-5900 or online.

Book Online Now

Hobo Cane Endangered Wolf Center

Maned Wolf Pups Add to our 2018 Puppy Boom

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Maned Wolf Puppy GirlAdopt Maned Wolves 2018 was supposed was supposed to be the Year of the Dog, but here at the Endangered Wolf Center, it will go down as the Year of the Pups.

First, in the Spring, we successfully cross-fostered eight Mexican wolf pups born at the EWC into wild packs in Arizona and New Mexico – making cross-foster history.

This ground-breaking effort pushed conservation forward for this critically endangered wolf by growing (and increase genetic health of) the wild population.

Then in November, African painted dog sisters Shaba and Akili each had litters of pups, 13 and 10 respectively, for a total of 23 pups born within a few days of each other – an historic first for the EWC and the most pups born at a zoological institution at one time!

And finally, not to be left out, just a few days later, maned wolves couple Nina and Nopal became parents to two maned wolf pups, a girl, Francisca, and a boy, Chrys-their first successful litter.

Near the end of September, keepers at the EWC observed breeding behavior between Nina and Nopal. Because maned wolves are notorious for not “showing” during their pregnancies, keepers couldn’t be sure – but they crossed their fingers and readied the heated den box in hopes of soon welcoming pups.

Maned Wolf PuppyOn November 27, Nina gave birth on her own 9th birthday! Could there be a better gift?

Nina and Nopal are incredible parents. Nina has been a dutiful mother, carefully grooming and nursing her pups. Keepers have monitored her closely via den cameras, watching as she gathers any pup straying too far from her belly and ushers back to her.

In the beginning, Nopal gave Nina much needed space, letting her focus on caring for the pups. He is happy to see her when she comes out to stretch her legs, but seemed to know not to disturb the little ones.

As the pups grew, Nopal stepped in to help Nina with caring for the pups. His patience is amazing, carefully grooming the pups, letting them climb all over him, often play tug-o-war with dad’s ears and tail. It is amazing watching both parents and their tiny pups snuggle together in the den.

Both pups are healthy and active, and at 8 weeks old, they are venturing out of their den and exploring their surroundings.

Maned wolves are very unique, unfamiliar to many people due to the small number in managed care. They are native to South America, where its range extends from the Amazon basin in Brazil to the dry shrub forests of Paraguay and northern Argentina.

The maned wolf is a canid, and therefore related to the wolf, but despite its name, it not actually a wolf. Maned wolves are more closely related to an ancient ancestor of today’s modern canids. It is the only species in its genus, however, meaning that the maned wolf has no close relatives. Their foxlike appearance, in conjunction with their remarkably long legs, has earned them the nickname of “fox on stilts.” But being the tallest canid in the world, standing at nearly 3 ½ feet tall (but weighing only ~50 lbs).

Mom Nina arrived at the Endangered Wolf Center in August 2010, less than a year old and full of energy! She immediately became a favorite, with her bold and curious personality. For the majority of her life she lived with her sister, Freesia, but a big change came in 2015, when she became approved to breed.

We happily welcomed a handsome new male named Nopal (Spanish for prickly pear cactus) from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute to pair with her. Nopal’s shy and calm personality is the perfect complement to Nina’s outgoing and audacious self.

They immediately bonded and are often seen cuddling in their den, grooming each other, or walking together exploring their habitat. They are always a favorite sight on our tours, and our guest walk away with an appreciation for their threatened species, empowered to help in their conservation.

Join us this spring at the EWC to meet all of our pups and welcome these precious new lives into the pack!

Adopt Maned Wolves
Maned Wolves

Join us for Trivia Night 2019 | NEW Location

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 NEW LOCATION 2019 :  Orlando’s South County 

Trivia Night 209If you have a head for trivia and a heart for supporting wildlife conservation, we invite you to join us for the Endangered Wolf Center Trivia Night on Friday, February 15, 2019 at Orlando’s South County. It’s a night of great trivia competition and fun that supports the animals in our care at the EWC

Tickets are $30 per person or $240 for a table of eight. This year you can upgrade your table of eight to VIP status for an additional $10 per person for a total cost of $320. In addition to express check-in, preferred seating and table service, VIPs will have the opportunity to meet ambassador animals from the EWC, as well as some of our conservation partners. For tickets, call 636-938-9306 or send in our registration form.

All proceeds from Trivia Night 2019 will be used to continue the Endangered Wolf Center’s important international work of preserving endangered canids. Our vision is a world where wolves and other wild canid species coexist with humans and thrive in their native habitats, recognized and valued for their vital roles as leading members of a healthy ecosystem.

Trivia Night Flyer Registration Form & Sponsorship Opportunities


Puppy Love: Second litter + second $50,000 match!

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Remember asking Santa for a puppy for Christmas? Sometimes our wishes are granted in ways beyond our imagination. Ways that, in this case, even make history.

We’re over the moon howling with joy to announce the arrival of 23 African painted dog puppies – AND a new $50,000 matching grant through December 31 to help us support them.

African painted dog puppies

You may have seen the news already that Shaba had her first litter of 13, a historic first for our center. We’re excited to announce that her sister, Akili, has also welcomed a litter of 10 pups. (Which goes to show, never underestimate the power of a wish…)

African painted dogs are a critically endangered canid species, numbering fewer than 5000 in the wild. At one time, they had a population of hundreds of thousands, if not over a million. Just like wolves, this species is misunderstood and facing persecution, poaching and habitat loss.

The puppies born at our Center provide an “insurance population” to ensure this species will not go extinct. As a highly accredited facility, this is part of a number of Species Survival Plans in which we play critical roles – which means as a donor, so do you.

Our webcams help spread awareness across the world, as people watch the family working together to help the pups grow to be strong and healthy – goals similar to our own family structures. And the more people can relate to these animals, the more they’ll care about preserving and protecting them.

African painted dogs have an extremely fast metabolism and require a lot of food when they’re growing. Our puppies chow down on 10 pounds of food per day. That is 3,650 pounds of food in one year, costing $83,950. (Parents of teens, we know you can relate…)

A new, generous $50,000 matching grant has been offered from now through the end of December. Please consider helping us meet this matching challenge with a gift today to help feed and care for them.

You’re reading that right. That marks a SECOND $50,000 matching gift challenge to meet by the end of the year. That means every dollar you donate will double, up to $100,000.

Any amount makes a difference. For example, $30 provides a full set of vaccines for two puppies, $60 for four puppies and $150 vaccinates 10 puppies. (Did we mention how much they eat?…)

Check in on these adorable pups on our webcam, then please consider a donation to help us reach this important matching grant goal. Learn about their innovative habitat on our blog, or support Shaba or other Adoptable Animals on our Adoptions page.

Bonus: Matching Name Donation:
Have the perfect name for one of these pups? We have a second generous donor who will match up to $50,000 for all donations of $2,500 to name a puppy from now until December 31. We’re naming 20 puppies over the next 20 days!

All puppy name donors will be invited to attend a Puppy Celebration on January 8, 2019.

Media representatives will be present as Animal Care examines the puppies and gives them their vaccines.

Thank you for your support and all the puppy love. Oh, and don’t forget to make a wish this year. (We hear they’re pretty powerful…)

Learn more about Shaba View Webcams

Howl with the wolves at our REI Campout

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Join the REI Campout on March 23, 2019 as we head out to one of our favorite iconic locations in the STL region for a night of wildlife and winter camping.

REI Campout at the Endangered Wolf Center We’ll create a great community space with a beverage station, s’mores bar and community campfire.

Bring your own food and we will provide the camp stoves, fuel, pots/pans and utensils and water for cooking. Enjoy information and stories from EWC staff around a roaring campfire.

Then be led by EWC staff on a night hike where you will get the opportunity to howl with the wolves! We make “roughing it” super simple: We create the opportunity and space – you just bring your tent, sleeping gear, food and beverage! Come out and learn about wolves and why the EWC is one of the top outdoor attractions in STL.

Spots are limited, sign-up today and see why our members come camp with us again and again. No service dogs or pets allowed at this campout per EWC policy. Member price: $75 Non-member price: $100.

Go to REI Campout Registration

Exclusive Howliday Celebration on Dec 29

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Join us on December 29 at the EWC for a Howliday Celebration!

From 3:45 p.m. to 7 p.m., help fill presents, make treats, decorate trees – and watch the animals celebrate the season! Then sit by a cozy campfire and enjoy hot cocoa, marshmallows and cookies.

This is an exclusive event limited to 50 people – sign up today!

Prices are $25 for adults and $20 children. For reservations, call 636-938-5900 or book online.

Learn about Booking Options

Photography with the Wolves

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Choose one of two special dates – or both – on December 8 and January 13 – grab your camera and come learn from award-winning nature photographer Sandy Brooks on how to get the best nature photos while photographing the world’s most endangered wolves at the EWC. During the workshop, you will learn about camera settings and photographic considerations, as well as about the wolves, their ecology and how the EWC is helping to save this national treasure. After the introduction, you will spend an hour photographing the wolves in their habitat.

This will be exclusive access for a limited number of participants – there are only 20 spots available, so make your reservations today! Cost is $175 per person; $100 of each reservation goes to the EWC to help continue its mission to save critically endangered species, so thank you for contributing to our important conservation work and being a part of our pack! (Must be 14 years or older; ages 14-17 must be accompanied by an adult.) To register, go to


Shaba Welcomes Healthy Litter of Puppies

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Shaba Welcomes Healthy Litter of Puppies

$50k Matching Grant + 13 Adorable #GivingTuesday Ambassadors

Donate Now Adopt Shaba

Friends, we have a $50,000 matching grant on the table from Giving Tuesday through the end of the year – plus 13 honorary ambassadors to announce. You guessed it, we have pups!

We’re celebrating a historic first successful litter of African painted dogs, thanks to a rock star of a new mom, Shaba. Keepers have been with her 24/7, and have watched her attentively nursing and cleaning her pups and keeping them in her den. (Want a peek inside? Our WebCam is live!)

Director of Animal Care and Conservation Regina Mossotti worked with world-renowned African Painted Dog biologist and conservationist, Dr. Greg Rasmussen, in Zimbabwe to see what den design would work best for a habitat in North America. No small challenge. Through their collaboration, a new $5000 insulated home was designed with maze-like corridors mimicking wild dens to help them feel safe and comfortable.

It’s this type of thoughtful innovation in wildlife conservation and species survival that your contributions help support. Please consider sponsoring Shaba or one of our other Adoptable Animals – a great holiday gift for animal lovers – or donating during this valuable window to help us meet this full generous match. Thank you for your support.

Four Legged Running Virtual Race Benefits the EWC

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Virtual Race – You can log your run from anywhere and do this in your own time frame.

Four Legged RunninDecember 1 through 31, 2018 – Endangered Wolf Center, Eureka, Mo

Endangered Wolf Center virtual race between December 1st and December 31st. When you register, $10 of every registration fee ($22 entry fee) is donated to Endangered Wolf Center.

Choose any distance from 5k to full marathon, walk/run when and where you choose, record your time on the FLR website, wait for your finisher medal to arrive in the mail!

What people need to do to get started:

-Register in December for $22
-Choose a distance of 5k, 10k, 15k, half marathon, or full marathon
-Walk/run the distance in December
-Post the time on the Results page to get a finisher medal to arrive in the mail (Also, medals cannot be shipped internationally)

Four Legged Running


Job Opening: Receptionist

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We’re looking for a receptionist to join our team.

Organization: Endangered Wolf Center (AZA Member)

Location: Eureka, Missouri, United States

Job or Internship: Job

Job Description: Receptionist

Reports to: Guest Relations Manager

Job Summary:

Responsible for answering phones, booking reservations, greeting guests as they arrive, processing payments and other duties as assigned.

This is a part-time, 16 hour-per-week position that will work two days each week (Sunday and Monday). Those days will remain the same each week.


• Serve as the “voice of the Center” to people who call. Provide excellent customer service when answering the phones and communicating with guests.

• Process reservations, process payments, take messages, answer questions and more.

• Perform other duties as assigned by the Guest Relations Manager.

Required Qualifications:

• Some College.

• Customer service experience.

• Ability and willingness to be flexible with tasks.

• Ability to use a computer.

• Willingness to master our online reservation system.

• Experience with Microsoft Office, Word and Excel.

• Flexible schedule.

• Willingness to participate in our Docent training course if not already completed.

• Able to establish and maintain good working relationships with other

To apply please send cover letter and resume to Angelena Mathes, Guest Relations Manager, at [email protected]. Due to the volume of applicants, phone calls will not be returned. Those individuals selected for an interview will be contacted before November 17, 2018.