Pups 4.20.15

These three pups were born April 17, 2015, to Mexican wolves Sibi and Lazarus, who were a breeding pair again this year.

We’ve just gone through breeding season at the Endangered Wolf Center. With multiple breeding pairs, including both red and Mexican wolves, we’re hopeful that many pups will be joining our pack this spring.
During the next couple months, when wolves may be pregnant and puppies may be appearing, we close all of our public and private tours. Our last day for tours was Sunday, April 3. Birth dates are an inexact science, so we can’t yet say when tours will resume, other than we expect it to be around early or mid-June. Check this website or our Facebook page in coming weeks for updates.
In the meantime, the Endangered Wolf Center has many events scheduled, including Frog Watch Campfires April 15 and May 13, Foxy Cinco de Mayo for adults (meet a fennec fox) May 5, and two Mini Camps April 23 and May 21. Check our Calendar of Events for a complete list of our tours and events through the summer, fall and winter.