Mexican Wolves

Mexican Gray Pack

Meet the Mexican  wolf, a highly family-oriented animal and irreplaceable “top dog” in the ecosystems in some of the Americas’ last great wildernesses. Unfortunately, he’s also one of the most polarizing animals on the planet.

Let’s face it, from fairy tales to Hollywood horror films, wolves are rarely cast as the good guys. Yet the more we know about these highly intelligent animals and the role these top predators play in the wild, the more we understand just how much the wild depends on them.

Yellowstone National Park is just one of many examples of ecosystems that recovered from a tailspin once wolves were re-introduced after having been extinct in the park for decades. The park’s recovery can be seen throughout countless animal and plant species rebounding since the wolf’s reintroduction.

The Endangered Wolf Center has been the birth site of approximately 40% of the Mexican gray wolves born in captivity. Dave Parsons, former Mexican wolf recovery coordinator of the US Fish & Wildlife Service, called the Endangered Wolf Center “a cornerstone of the Mexican wolf program.” Without the availability of this unique facility, this species may have become extinct.

The Endangered Wolf Center continues to play a leading role in the recovery of the Mexican wolf. In fact, every Mexican wolf in the wild today can trace his or her roots back to our center. By adopting a Mexican wolf pack or one of our adoptable Mexican wolves, you can become a part of their story. Thank you for helping to make the work we do here on their behalf possible. We’re grateful for your support.

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