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Here’s a fun fact about maned wolves: they’re actually wolves in name only. The maned wolf is a member of the canid family, so it is related to the wolf. However, it is actually a closer cousin to South American forest foxes or bush dogs. In fact, they are sometimes nicknamed “fox on stilts” for their leggy build and fox-like features.

This South American native roams a range extending from the Amazon basin rain forest in Brazil to the dry shrub forests of Paraguay and northern Argentina. Unlike most wolves, these gentle, timid animals typically live alone, except to breed.

The maned wolf is near threatened in its native territory. This listing is due to loss of habitat by encroaching human populations, the introduction of certain diseases, and a belief that some of its organs have medicinal healing powers.

The Endangered Wolf Center has played a critical role in a Species Survival plan (SSP©) to help breed maned wolves in managed care to help keep the population genetically healthy and to promote awareness of this endangered species through education programs.

We have two maned wolves: Nina and Nopal. At the moment, Nina is the only one up for adoption. Nina and Nopal are playful and curious animals who love to train, which includes painting pictures that are available in our gift shop!

Sign up for an Enrichment Experience following our Endangered PredaTour and you’ll get to see them up close. The maned wolves receive a lot of enrichment (which they love!) in the form of bones, frozen blood pops, and frozen fruit pops.

We hope to offer even more training and enrichment programs to the public in the future, to help people learn about and appreciate these amazing animals. Your adoption of this pack will help make that possible, and we’re grateful for your support.

Find more information and facts about maned wolves in our Educational Resources.

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