African Painted Dogs

African Painted Dog Pack

Once known as African wild dogs, painted wolves, and cape hunting dogs, painted dogs get their name from their incredible coats – interestingly, each as unique as a fingerprint. In fact, researchers believe that color patterns allow pack members to recognize each other from distances up to 100 meters away.

The painted dogs are some of the most curious canids at our Center. And we’re having fun stimulating their curiosity by preparing them for the new Training and Enrichment Experiences coming to our Center.

Want to see for yourself? Sign up for our Endangered PredaTour followed by an Enrichment Experience or training tour, where you’ll see all sorts of enriching, stimulating treats they receive – from frozen delights to bones to a few fun surprises they and our guests love, like this treat-studded snowman.

Currently, the Endangered Wolf Center is one of only 38 institutions in the United States to have these amazing creatures. Your adoption of this pack helps make everything we do for them possible, and we’re very grateful for your support.

Find more information and facts about painted dogs in our Educational Resources.

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