Wolf Fest 2014

Visitors check out some of the exhibits and booths at Wolf Fest 2013.

Visitors check out some of the exhibits and booths at Wolf Fest 2013.

“We went to Wolf Fest for the first time and it was awesome.”

“Wolf Fest was my very first experience at the Endangered Wolf Center … it was awesome and I signed up to become a member. Keep up the great work!”

“We had the best time at Wolf Fest … already excited for next year.”

Wolf Fest 2014 will be held on Saturday, Sept. 27, at the Endangered Wolf Center on the grounds of Washington University’s Tyson Research Center in Eureka, Mo.

Sponsorship opportunities are available.

Admission will again be $25 a carload.

Judging by the comments above that were made on our Facebook page, Wolf Fest 2013 was a huge success. A large crowd turned out, somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 people, to see the animals that live at the Endangered Wolf Center and to experience the many extra events offered at our annual open house.

Wolf Fest allowed many to visit the Center for the first time, and welcomed back hundreds of others. And it served as one of the year’s top fundraisers for the non-profit organization.

Exhibitions were put on by Conservation Ambassadors, Agility Dogs, Gateway Sled Dogs and Gateway Search Dogs.

Information booths were provided by the St. Louis Zoo, the Shaw Nature Reserve, the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House, the Nature Conservancy, the Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary, the World Bird Sanctuary and the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Guests had the opportunity to have their photos taken with the Conservation Ambassadors animals (bald eagle, alligator) or in colorful costumes.

The Endangered Wolf Center Education Department and Junior Volunteers offered an extensive children’s area with many games and activities centered around the animals that live here.

Food and drinks and snow cones were available.  And guests could shop at the Celeste Ruwwe Gift Shop or at the Silent Auction.

The Endangered Wolf Center’s strong corps of volunteers played an essential role in making the day possible, with 76 working at the daylong event.

The Endangered Wolf Center would like to thank Emerson as the event’s Premium Sponsor.

We’d also like to thank these sponsors:


• A Storage Inn

• Stella Amsinger & Connor Anderson

• Animal Clinic of Clayton

• Anonymous (3)

• Craig Austin, Board of Trustees

• Bank of America

• The Beckmann Family

• Missy & Dave Blue

• Stephen F. & Camilla T. Brauer Charitable Trust

• Matt, Rachel, Mallory & Zach Broom

• Rick & Mary Beth Brown

• CHE Consulting, Inc.

• CM Equine Center

• Jo Anna Dale

• Mark & Barb Doering

• BJ & Lee Eavy

• Jim & Lionelle Elsesser

• EWC Volunteers

• Explore Green, Paul Zemitzsch

• Fifth Third Investment Advisors, Jeremiah Dellas

• Bill & Julie Gerlach

• Grey Eagle Distributors


• Jane Habbegger

• PJ Harrison, Board of Trustees

• Harvest Plaza and St. Charles Animal Hospitals

• Marie Hirsch

• Lisa & Rick Houska

• Lordo’s Diamonds

• Maixner & Maixner & Co.

• Karen & Bruce Nichols

• Pet Centric Home Care

• Celeste Ruwwe & Gerry Hufker

• Saint Louis Zoo Endangered Species Research & Veterinary Hospital

• Shurn

• The Eugene J. Tichacek Family Trust

• Virgil and Sandra VanTrease

• Washington University’s Tyson Research Center

• Betty White

• Woo-Hoo Treasures

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