I am…bold, beautiful and fearless. My role as a mother and a matriarch has helped shape the lives of many, including those of my caretakers.

I am Anna.
Anna is a special Mexican gray wolf with a legendary ancestry. Her father, Santa Ana, was a descendant of the Ghost Ranch lineage, one of the last pure Mexican gray wolf packs recovered after the species was declared extinct in the wild in 1980. This came after years of active wolf bounties by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, yet to understand the devastating effects of removing a top predator from an ecosystem. Unfortunately, the Endangered Species Act of 1973’s coverage of this remarkable species came too late.

Santa Ana became an extremely valuable founder in the recovery of the species. After five years of unsuccessful breeding attempts, he was introduced to Tanamara in 2000, but by now Santa Ana was almost 13. For Santa Ana and the recovery of the species, time was running out.

Amazingly, the next spring Tanamara gave birth to a litter of three pups, yet despite her best efforts, she lost two of the pups. The decision was made to hand-rear the third pup, knowing she was too important to the recovery program to risk losing her. Sadly, she was to be Santa Ana’s only offspring. He passed away later that year. The pup was given the name Anna, and it’s through her that Santa Ana has left a rich legacy.

Anna is a strikingly beautiful wolf with a dark face and coat reminiscent of her father. As she matured, she was paired with wonderful mates, and has significantly contributed to the Mexican gray wolf recovery with litters that have totaled more than 40 pure Mexican gray pups, many now thriving in the wild.

Anna has become a wonderful mother, grandmother and matriarch of our center. In her eyes you see her story, and the story of the species she’s so greatly helped save from extinction.

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